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Information evening 13th December – Laren

Do you know about  the benefits your child could have with an international primary education?

Have you heard about IPC, the world’s fastest growing primary curriculum?

Come and learn more about our international primary education at our Information Evening!

The IPC is an enquiry based curriculum with a strong learning focus. This means that your child, alongside their teachers and parents, are always questioning,  evaluating and furthering their learning through group and independent enquiry. Fundamentally this means that the children will ask questions of a broad theme and be taught how to research and answer these questions. 

Over 1800 schools from around the world learn through the IPC  every year making it the fastest growing primary curriculum in the world. As children move around the world it is important that their learning keeps in pace with their new sorroundings. The IPC ensures your child will work towards all learning targets held at an international standard. Students and pupils will be prepared for further learning in any other enquiry based curriculum. 

In order to further your child’s learning  journey Florencius International School has adopted the IPC as our curriculum and coupled it with our own vision of learning which we call the 4Qs. We dedicate time  and energy to ensure that the emotional, cognitive, phyiscal and spiritual well being of each child in our care. 

Robin Belles, director of IPC Netherlands

We are delighted to welcome Robin Belles to Florencius International School Laren to share how the IPC can benefit your child’s learning journey in an international environment.

Program 13 December 2017

  • 19.00h Welcome, tea and coffee 
  • 19.30h Entry point. 
  • Knowledge harvest. 
  • Explaining the theme: Gerwin Kets, deputy director Florencius
  • International education with IPC by Robin Belles
  • Q&A

Please send an e-mail with your name to register for this evening by clicking on the “Apply here” button.