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Florencius International Primary School works with the International Primary Curriculum, in combination with other worldwide educational programmes.

Care at Florencius is characterised by customized education; our aim is excellent quality. We offer a versatile, authentic learning environment with an optimal balance between different education methods, levels and special guidance where needed.  Every child is unique and needs education that fits its own talents and challenges perfectly.

Our aim is: “Let your talent shine, and let each pupil develop to its full potential”

At Florencius we offer all our pupils the best individual care. We work in small groups and provide intensive support which means there is a lot of attention for each individual pupil. We have put together an education system that meets the needs of the pupils; this helps us to strive for continuous development.

Florencius International School follows the Vision and Mission of all Florencius Schools which focuses on the holistic approach of the four Q’s.

Central to this approach is the full development of the child. This involves the development of the four components of our human nature, intelligences and abilities.