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Working with the 4 Q’s

Florencius International School offers a well-balanced educational program based on the holistic approach of the 4 Q’s. Central in this approach is the complete development of the child and the development of the four components of our human nature, our intelligence and capacities.

SQSpiritual intelligence (Self-confidence)
With regard to SQ (spiritual intelligence) Florencius pays a lot of attention to:

  • Integrity; making children aware of their values, beliefs and conscience and teaching them to deal with them sincerely.
  • Meaning; giving children the feeling that they are meaningful, and significant, which is essential for their self-confidence.
  • A positive social climate; with a well-balanced variety of rest and activity. Inner rest is central to happiness and the social and emotional well-being of the child.

IQ– Mental intelligence (Ambition)
With regard to IQ (mental intelligence) Florencius pays a lot of attention to:

  • Personal development: each child starting at Florencius is assessed and given a personal development plan based on talents and opportunities, which is discussed and evaluated with its parents.
  • Specific customized offer for children with extra talents, dyslexia, dyscalculia and fear of failure.
  • Top-level, well-structured education.
  • 21st century skills.
  • Knowledge and understanding of other countries and cultures.

EQ– Emotional intelligence (Passion)
With regard to EQ (emotional intelligence) Florencius pays a lot of attention to:

  • Growth mindset: we believe in the capability children have to develop capacities and we teach children to think about their own wishes, passion, and goals (self-awareness/ self-control).
  • Self-awareness: the power of children to look at their own lives, have self-knowledge, improve themselves and show will power.
  • Empathy; the power to empathize with thoughts and feelings of people in other situations, countries and cultures. Creating independently in mutual dependency.
  • Social skills: focusing on how mutual interaction works, how problems are solved and how children approach each other.

PQ– Physical intelligence (Energy)
With regard to PQ (physical intelligence) Florencius pays a lot of attention to:

  • Sensible food; the children have lunch at school every day.
    Together with the children we prepare a healthy and balanced meal.
  • Sports; a healthy mind in a healthy body. Several times a week we play sports either indoor or outdoor. A specialist teacher coordinates the complete sports program.
  • Attention is paid to having fun, fairness, endurance, strength and resilience.
  • Rest, relaxation and stress management; during lunch and in between the lessons we do rest and relaxation exercises.