Florencius Scholarship Foundation

Florencius Scholarship Foundation is committed to make Florencius’ excellent education accessible to children whose parents can’t afford the full tuition.

The foundation has no profit objective and is totally dependent to donations.

Would you like to learn more about the foundation, or about means to make a tax-free donation, please contact:

mrs. Petra Vriens LLM
Chairman Florencius Scholarship Foundation
Telefoon +31 (0)6 50 26 81 87
Mail scholarshipfoundation@florencius.nl

Board members of the Florencius Scholarship Foundation:
• Mrs. Petra Vriens LLM (chairman)
• Mr. Daan Nollen MSc (board member finance)
• Mr. Randal Meijer MSc (board member)
• Mrs. Anna Vleming MSc (board member)

Interested in the Florencius Scholarship Foundation?
Please contact Mrs. Vriens LLM 

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