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Our maths curriculum is based on a Singaporean maths model. This follows a concrete-pictorial-abstract model of learning where each child gets to physically demonstrate their knowledge and model their understanding before moving on to written maths problems.

This means that children are exposed to ideas using concrete resources (counters, numicon, dienes) to physically show each learning intention whether it is place value, addition or time. The children then move into the pictorial, drawing their understanding each learning intention before moving on to the abstract concept of number.

Our maths curriculum is used in conjunction with My Pals, a Singaporean text, that enhances understanding of complex maths problems. Your child will use diagrams, sketches and bar models to demonstrate that they are ready for the abstract idea of using numbers and symbols in areas such as long division.

The Singaporean model places a great emphasis on children’s talk. This is the children sharing their concerns and ideas about a given maths concept. This enables the teacher to understand their thinking and to plan and deliver lessons tailored for your child.