EQ – Passion

At Florencius International School, we focus on the social-emotional development of every child. We know how incredibly important it is for children to feel safe to express and advocate for themselves, in addition to empathise with others.

Rock and Water

Rock and Water is a psycho-physical resilience program in which young people learn to stand up for themselves the right way.

The Rock and Water program differs from other programs because it is multifaceted, and resilience training reinforces the development of positive social skills.

In terms of EQ (emotional intelligence)  Florencius International School pays attention to:

  • Growth Mindset; All children are capable of success; everyone is able to make individual growth and progress. We teach children to identify their own wishes, passions, and goals, and know that together with hard work and determination, they can find and achieve personal success.
  • Self-awareness; The children’s ability to look deeply within themselves and examine their own lives and choices. The ability to recognise oneassets and faults and use that information to improve him or herself, and also exercise self-control.
  • Empathy; The power to understand the thoughts and feelings of people in various situations, countries, and cultures.  
  • Social Skills; Focus on making mutual decisions, having positive interactions with others, and solving problems in a group setting. 

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“At Florencius, Charlotte has found a place where she can be who she really is. No tension, no stress, but of to school every day with a smile on her face.”

Annelies, mother of Charlotte

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